Leg Training Simplified

Leg training is feared by many. Therefore they avoid it completely. We’ve all seen the guys at the gym who have a huge barrel chest and bird legs. This is because they neglect their leg training completely. I am here to tell you that there are some simple concepts to make leg training go well and some very good reasons to not avoid it completely.

Leg Training for the Rest of Your Body

Leg training increases your HGH and testosterone levels naturally. This is of benefit to all the other body parts. By training your legs you are helping to make your arms grow as well. If you avoid leg training entirely you are losing out on this benefit.


We stand on our legs all day long. They are responsible for carrying around all our body weight. This means we have to push harder when training legs. We have to use a level of intensity that is unparalleled by any other workout we have during the week. Legs should be trained with an all out attitude. Pick compound movements to really hit your legs hard. Do extra sets or repetitions to increase the intensity. This is essential for a great leg workout.

Rest Periods

Keep your rest period to about 1 minute between sets. Push yourself to stick to this timing. You will get maximum benefit from your training by doing this. You will immediately feel your leg training session by doing this.

To the Point of Puking

I like to push so hard on my leg day that I either come close to puking or I actually puke. If I don’t feel nauseous during or after my leg training then I have not hit them hard enough. This is just my personal philosophy and some may find it stupid. It works for me.


Do your leg training every single week unless your legs are way ahead of the rest of your body. This (as mentioned previously) will simply benefit the entire rest of your body. Give your legs the punishment they deserve and you will reap the rewards rather quickly.

About Mike

Mike Mahony is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. He is also an NPC Bodybuilding athlete who has a major passion for training and helping others. He has 4 children and works part-time as a computer programmer.

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