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arnoldEveryone I talk to these days seems to have the same goal — getting big. There are a multitude of ways to get there and some are healthier than others. No matter what method you use, it is going to require some very hard and intense work along with some clean eating to get big. It is not an easy task no matter what. Let’s talk about the two paths to getting big that are the most common and any sub-divisions of those two paths.

Enhanced Path

This path will include the introduction of anabolic enhancement drugs. While I will not really take a stand either way, this is a path that will require much research before going down. You will want to know exactly what you are taking, what the side effects are and what the benefits are as well. You need to look at both the short and long term when looking into enhancement drugs. They will definitely pack on size, but not without some side effects.

As with anything, educate yourself before embarking on this journey. You are still going to need to eat clean and train hard. You will still need your rest. You will also have to time your drugs to do the most good. At the same time, you are going to have to change up how you eat–the timing of certain nutrients–in order to benefit the most from the drugs. I am perfectly willing to work with someone who wants to use enhancement drugs. I have nothing personally against them. They are definitely a means to an end. You are going to need good advice and I am here to give that to you.

Just be sure you’ve done your research before you come to me for help with this path.

Natural Path

The natural path is going to be difficult and take a long time. You will have to eat clean and train hard. It will take a couple of years to see the final results, but progress will be steady at all times. I can help you with this path by designing a nutrition and training program that will give you the results you need. I am very good at keeping your body guessing. You’ve all heard about “muscle confusion” from the P90x commercials, but it really is nothing new. It is not a revolutionary concept.

I will assess you and set up a plan that I think will work for you. I will evaluate you on a regular basis and make decisions about your plan at that point in time. It is all about how you fit into your clothes and not what you produce on the scale. I am going to pack muscle on your frame and that will increase your scale weight. Think about the following scenarios:

Male 40 years old

220 pounds and 25% body fat:

  • Lean Body Mass: 176 lbs.
  • Fat: 44 lbs.

240 pounds and 10% body fat:

  • Lean Body Mass: 216 lbs.
  • Fat: 24 lbs.

So this person has gained 20 pounds, but it translates into 40 pounds of muscle gain and 20 pounds of fat loss for a total increase on the scale of 20 pounds. The second scenario is much healthier. However, to most people that would be a “fail” because of the 20 pound scale weight gain. This is why you cannot think in terms of scale weight.

Personal Training Edge

You need the edge given to you by working with a personal trainer in order to make these transformations. Get in touch with me today for more details.

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Mike Mahony is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer. He is also an NPC Bodybuilding athlete who has a major passion for training and helping others. He has 4 children and works part-time as a computer programmer.

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