Michael Mahony is an ISSA Certified Persoanl Trainer, fitness industry evangelist and NPC Bodybuilder. He believes in the bodybuilding lifestyle and teaches others how to get into the best possible shape they can.

Before he got involved with the fitness industry, he was a computer specialist. He went through a major life change when he had to endure back surgery. He gained 40 pounds during the recovery phase and decided He had to lose that weight. That situation ignited his passion for fitness. He developed a lot of knowledge about fitness and wanted to share that knowledge with others. This came to a boiling point when he got involved with a fitness group online. This got him involved in daily accountability blogging.

Mike says:

“The first thing I noticed is how powerful social media is for helping a person get into great shape. The support network that can be formed is incredible and the people are so supportive. Now that I am applying what I’ve learned through that online support group I am seeing real results. I now have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with other people.”

On April 14, 2012Mike took 3rd place in his first ever NPC bodybuilding show. He then placed 4th in the Venice Beach Memorial Day Classic 2012. He is continuing his bodybuilding career by training hard for a show in 2013. He is also blogging about bodybuilding on a regular basis at http://fitnessexpose.com.

Training sessions with Mike are customized to your individual level of fitness. He will push you much harder than you could possibly push yourself.